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Bright and modern, two words used to describe this wedding by Every last detail and the two words I would love to describe our wedding too. This wedding really caught my eye, not only because it includes a lot of purple but because it highlights a lot of the modern details I would like for our wedding. Find many more stunning photos here.

I love both the brides flowers above and the button holes, they’re just so bright, purple and modern.  I especially like the button hole, its so much more me than the roses traditionally seen in the UK.

I also really like the grooms suit. I’m not really a fan of the grooms outfits that are so popular in the UK, like the tail coats and cravats. I think this look is much more modern. The only thing I’m not sure about is the black tie, I think I would prefer purple.

I love these purple bridesmaids dresses and the flowers are gorgeous too.

And finally, the bride wore gorgeous purple shoes!


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To some pastel colours are romantic and girly and the obvious choice for their wedding day. I however  seem to be drawn to the more vibrant, brighter colours. When I think of Tuscany though I think of the greens of the lush rolling hills, the terracotta and the yellows of sunflowers. A lot of the weddings in Tuscany I have seen that have used bright colours have used yellow or orange neither of which would be my ideal choice. I worry that bright, fun weddings like the images below would clash with the stunning Tuscan scenery that will surround the wedding and not look stunning and timeless in our photos. On the other hand I believe your wedding day should be an expression of you the couple and not simply going with the latest trend or sticking to tradition because you think you should.

This week I saw this fabulously colourful rehearsal dinner on Style me Pretty. To see more images from this rehearsal dinner click here.

Also this week on Style me pretty they featured this colourful New Zealand wedding.  I particularly liked the idea of bridesmaids having the same style dress in different colours. Up until now I thought that both my bridesmaid would wear the same colour but not necessarily the same style but I think the use of colour in this wedding is very modern.

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This is another great wedding featured on style me pretty this week. I was particularly draw to because of the use of the colour purple which is my favorite at the moment. However I also like the styles of all the wedding party and more than that when you read the post on style me pretty you later find the romantic story of how the wedding photographer’s boyfriend proposed to her in Paris whilst shooting the couples “day after shoot”! There are lots more stunning photographs and you can read the full story here, here and here on Stacy Reeves photography as well as on style me pretty.

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When it came to start planning our wedding there were somethings I knew what I did and didn’t want and other areas where I have no idea what I want. That was one of the reasons I started this blog to save lots of inspiration from wedding sites that I like so when its time to make the decisions I will have lots of ideas of what I do and don’t like. One thing I thought I was sure of was that as much as I love red (I just bought a red le Creuset casserole dish to match my kitchenAid and love the colour of both) I was certain I didn’t want red in my wedding. I always thought red for weddings looked a bit dated but then this wedding just jumped out of the screen at me on style me pretty this morning. It has completely changed the way I think of red and weddings. I still don’t think red will be the colour I chose for my wedding (I don’t think it would work with the Tuscan countryside as well as it does with San Francisco!) but I love how fun and modern this wedding looks. Another thing this wedding has changed my perceptions of is the use of pattern in bridesmaid dresses. I love these dresses, they’re the type of dress I would like to wear as a wedding guest.

For more images and information on this wedding see here.

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This may not be a Tuscan wedding but it certainly has the feel of one. The wedding was at a private estate in Sonoma. It’s the style of wedding I could only dream of creating. The attention to detail and the creativity is fantasic and I love every detail of it. Here are just a few pictures of it but there are lots more on 100 Layer cake, a fantastic wedding blog.

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Here is yet another stunning wedding in Tuscany. I love the attention to detail and the simple sophistication of this table setting.  And how stunning is the location!

I love the unique use of cabbages and artichokes, they look just as pretty as any floral arrangment.

Head on over to 100 layer cake to see more photos of this wedding.

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I want to share with you my favorite wedding in Tuscany that I have found so  far. Just looking at the stunning pictures reassures me that Tuscany is where I would like to get married. The wedding was featured on Style me pretty (one of my favorite wedding blogs so far). The bride, Anna, now has her own blog Thoughts of a London Mum and shared her  advice on getting married abroad here (on Silence and noise).

Photography – Corbin Gurkin Photography

Wedding planner – http://www.weddingsintuscany.info/

Photos – From Style me pretty, head over there for even more pictures of this stunning wedding

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